Magento 2.0.X的系统环境要求如下:

Apache 2.2 or 2.4 Ubuntu: apache2 -v
CentOS: httpd -v
PHP 5.6.x, 7.0.2 or 7.0.6 php -v PHP Ubuntu
MySQL 5.6.x mysql -u [root user name] -p MySQL

安装Magento2.0.X PHP的扩展需求:

  1. 5.6.x
  2. 5.5.x ( x 大于 22)
  3. 7.0.2 至 7.0.14 (除了 7.0.5 和 7.0.4)
  4. php 扩展
  5. bc-math (商业版才需要)
  6. curl
  7. gd 或者 ImageMagick 6.3.7及以上版本 也可以两个都装
  8. intl
  9. mbstring
  10. mcrypt
  11. mhash
  12. openssl
  13. PDO/MySQL
  14. SimpleXML
  15. soap
  16. xml
  17. xsl
  18. zip
  19. PHP 7 only:
Magento 2.1.X与Magento2.0.X不同之处在于.
Magento 2.1.X不再支持PHP5.6版本.而且Magento2.1.2版本以后支持PHP7.0.4
Magento2.1.2及以后版本兼容Mysql 5.7
支持分布式搜索引擎Elasticsearch 1.0版本到最新的5.0版本


页面缓存 Redis version 3.0
Varnish version 3.5 or latest stable 4.x version for page caching
memcached latest stable version for session storage with either memcache or memcached PHP extensions (latest stable version)

Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) only

Apache Solr

Solr search can be used as a search provider. Available for Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) only.


RabbitMQ can be used to publish messages to queue and to define the consumers that receive the messages asynchronously. Available for Magento EE only.

Three master databases

These master databases provide scalability advantages for different functional areas of the Magento application: checkout, orders, and product data. Available for Magento EE only.


php_xdebug 2.2.0 or later (development environments only; can have an adverse effect on performance)
There is a known issue with xdebug that can affect Magento installations or access to the storefront or Magento Admin after installation.

For details, see Known issue with xdebug.

PHPUnit (as a command-line tool) 4.1 or later

Magento 1.X的系统环境要求如下:

  • Linux, Windows, 或其他 UNIX兼容操作系统 (不推荐在正式商用环境中使用windows)
  • Apache Web Server (1.x or 2.x),Nginx,litespeed
  • PHP 5.2.0 以上, 并且包含下列扩展(Extensions/Addons):
    • PDO/MySQL
    • MySQLi
    • mcrypt
    • mhash
    • simplexml
    • DOM
    • curl
    • gd
    • soap
  • MySQL 4.1.20 或更新版本
  • Sendmail兼容的 Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)
    • 如果没有MTA,Magento1将直接连接一个 SMTP server